Reviewing iBex Markets’ cTrader Platform

ibex markets reviews

Most traders these days make use of the Meta Trader as it is a widely used trading platform by mainstream traders. In this review, we take a look at iBex Markets’ trading platform – cTrader – and why it is recommended by iBex traders themselves.

The cTrader platform has always been very unique and quite the versatile trading platform that’s been used by beginners and professionals alike. iBex Markets seems to vow the great quality this trading platform provides as it is offered not just for web downloads but also for mobile users who wish to keep track of their trades while on-the-go. cMirror and cAlgo seems to also be included on the application which allows traders to deploy algorithmic trading from their account.

iBex Markets’ cTrader offers a unique and friendly-interface that is both easy to use and customizable according to different presets and detachable charts. It also incorporates an very enhanced charting ability and order management system that allows traders an efficient management of their positions in a volatile market movement.

Traders can also have full access to a full range of liquidity from its providers – which then guarantees traders in receiving the lowest spreads and the best prices in the market.

Some other features include: Level II pricing, Detachable Charts, Automated trading, Charting Techniques, Extensive Back Testing Facilities, and more.

iBex Markets’ cTrader Mobile Version

Their cTrader is available for both Android and iOS mobile users and can be downloaded from their respective Online Play Store. This is extremely helpful for traders who have a busy lifestyle. They’ll be able to receive push notifications on any market event as well as emails that contain the latest market updates in the financial market.

Just by logging in to your account, you’re able to access a complete range of Order Types, advanced Technical Analysis tools, Price Alerts, Trade Statistics, Advanced Order Management Settings, Symbol Watchlists and a variety of settings to customize the platform according to your preferences.

If you wish to know more about this product and services you can check out more details from their website here at


cTrader trading platform has always been a reliable and useful platform for professional traders and friendly towards beginners. So you can be rest assured that this platform can perform well and easily execute the trades you perform.

We highly recommend that you proceed with caution before trading, as most traders experience losses most of the time. You should only trade with the money you are willing to lose.