Is iBex Market a Scam or a Good Broker for Beginners?

ibex market scam

Will iBex Market Scam you or is it a user friendly platform?

Forex trading has always been referred to as a form of financial investment that has become common in today’s digital economy. If you’re looking to trade for the first time then exploring various brokerages can help you get the boost you need to start trading. Not only will you learn from professional brokers but you will be able to make your own trading strategies and modify it according to your financial preferences and lifestyle.

One brokerage we will take a look at is iBex Markets. In this review we will tackle some key points that can help you determine if iBex Markets is the right brokerage for you.

Note: Forex trading is a risk that most traders experience and are well known of. Proceed with caution and trade responsibly.

ibex market scam

When determining the brokerage you want to register on, you will be given the choices of different live accounts that brokerage offers from their website.

As you can see from the image above, iBex Markets offers a variety of at least six live accounts that you can choose from and with it comes exclusive features, trading tools and training depending on the live account you prefer.

One setback that we can take here is that their opening balance size is quite large – with the smallest and basic account going for 500 Euros – compared to other brokerages. Nevertheless, despite the large amount, you are guaranteed to receive full exclusive features and maybe bonus offers as well as access to educational programs and one-on-one training and assistance with your very own broker. With this, it also includes an introduction of their website, their services, the trading platform – cTrader introduction, as well as trading advice that you can use.

These accounts are also entrusted with a feature that includes a negative balance protection. This certifies that your money won’t suffer too much loss that what is deposited from your trading account. These accounts also give you the option to receive weekly market analysis and major market alerts that are happening in the financial markets.

ibex market scam

We’ve mentioned that these live accounts offer educational programs and tools to help even first time traders to learn and get an introduction on Forex and CFD trading.

These educational tools can be found on their iBex Academy website page that has various learning resources (e.g. FAQs, Glossary, terminologies, etc.) that are mostly used in the financial industry. This page also includes an introduction to Fundamental and Technical Analysis.

Aside from trading on Forex and CFDs they also offer to trade with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more. This can all be done with their cTrader trading platform. Crypto Trading with iBex Markets is offered with zero commissions, variable spreads from 0.0 pip and with competitive swap rates. You can trade on the price changes of these digital currencies with the assistance of live quotes and charts. These pairs can be shorted which allows you to profit from either falling and/or rising prices.

From this, it may seem that iBex Markets can be a good brokerage that can help you in the long run towards your financial goals. Given that the starting deposit may seem quite high you can look into more alternative brokers that provide the same basic account features.  If you wish to trade with this broker you can simply visit their website at and check to see more of the services and tools they offer.

Before trading, always remember to trade only with the money you can afford to lose. Trading is a risk and should be done responsibly.