How is the Customer Service of iBex Markets

ibex markets reviews

Customer Service can either make or break a company by standard. As such most companies do try to make it their mission to provide a high quality service towards their clients – which is one of the sole goals of iBex Markets, one of today’s emerging Forex and CFD brokerages in the world.

Forex Trading includes a lot of investment opportunities as well as risks that most brokers and traders try to study and learn from from their past experiences. That is why it is essential for all to have a close communication and fast connection between broker and traders when it comes to answering basic inquiries and/or important questions that need a detailed explanation.

Here we take a chance to look and examine the customer service and support system iBex Markets currently has.

ibex markets reviews

To give a brief background of iBex Markets, this is a brokerage that offers Forex and CFD trading services as well as provide an innovative platform – cTrader – that consists of financial tools and updated features. They also have an academic program on their website which can be beneficial for first time traders.

As mentioned on their website, iBex Markets follows a Client-Centered Approach. This ensures clients of the highest standard quality of customer and support services once they open an account with them. These accounts also hold an exclusive and unlimited access on various trading platforms and tools, account management and educational programs.

iBex Markets seems to have a team of ready professional brokers that can help and encourage their clients in investing with the use of top trading strategies taking into consideration the client’s preferences and financial needs and capabilities.

This brokerage offers ways to communicate with them with the use of a LIVECHAT option that can be visible once you visit their website. This LIVECHAT feature lets clients interact with iBex Markets support/representative in order to convey inquiries and questions with efficiency.

Other than their LIVECHAT option they also have other mediums and platforms on how you can reach their team better.

ibex markets reviews

As seen on their website, you can send a message on their Contact page as well reach them through the phone numbers listed, support email and even through their official social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. FAQs are also available on their website in case you have questions regarding how to open an account and manage your cTrader platform.

As most company’s customer and support services, they are usually available 24/5 days a week – especially with Forex brokerages as the market is mostly active during workdays.

As such when you decide on a brokerage to trade from, you must also consider the level of assistance this brokerage offers. Trading in the financial market can be difficult and if you’re diving into it without the proper knowledge and support, you may suffer greater losses than necessary.

iBex Markets definitely has an advantage when it comes to accessibility and reach as seen from their website. Not to mention response time is considered amicable (depending on the inquiry you request for)

As much we still recommend you read the following regulations and terms of conditions iBex Markets has before entrusting your funds to this broker or to any brokerage you choose.

Trading is a risk that most experienced traders often lose. You must keep in mind to only trade with the money you can afford to lose. Always trade responsibly.

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